MediaWidget 8.0

It transfers your critical iPod content back onto your PC and into iTunes
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MediaWidget has been created to help you easily transfer the contents of your iPod onto your computer. It can transfer photos, audio tracks, videos or any other file types and it can even import music directly into iTunes, including cover arts and playlists. Copying both ways, from the iPod to the computer and from the computer to the iPod, is also supported.

In my opinion, MediaWidget‘s main advantage is its simplicity. It comes with a neat and easy-to-use interface that can be successfully operated by advanced users and beginners alike. Furthermore, handy step-by-step wizards are available, being suitable especially for the users that need guidance throughout the transfer or recovery processes. I like that it includes a player which lets you listen to any song before copying it. This comes in handy when the song data such as the name or the tags are corrupted and you have no idea if a song is the song that you wanted to copy.

MediaWidget is a handy backup solution that can also help you protect the contents of your iPod or of your iTunes library in case of any crash or malfunction.

Another big plus of this tool is the fact that it supports a lot of iPod models, from the Classic one to the ones of the 6th generation, and even iPhones and iPads.

As you can see, MediaWidget is a handy tool worth having especially for iPod owners that care about the safety of their music collections or that want a really easy and fast method to transfer data between their iPod and the PC.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Neat and simple interface
  • Supports a large variety of iPods
  • includes a handy player


  • For iPhone 4 and iOS 4.0 it only supports read-only access
  • Rather mediocre transfer speed
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